Integrated Services


The COIMBRA FERTILITY CENTER provides the evaluation and study of clients/patients, providing access for the following consultations of multiple specialties.
Gynecology Medical AppointmentAndrology Medical AppointmentEndocrinology Medical AppointmentPsychology Medical AppointmentPediatrics Medical AppointmentImagiology

COIMBRA FERTILITY CENTER’s Gynaecology and Obstetrics Speciality focuses on female reproductive health, providing personalized medical care in each case, in the different stages of a woman’s life, ensuring the highest comfort for all patients.

With a vast and proven experience in the field, our team specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the f the feminine genital tract (gynecology), as well as following up during Pregnancy, Child-birth and post child birth (Obstetrics)

An Andrologist is the Urologist physician who studies and treats male disorders that can affect fertility (seminal changes, sexual dysfunctions). The medical appointment has the purpose of searching for antecedents that may have affected the testicles or the seminal pathways and achieve a diagnosis. The treatment of male infertility can be medical, surgical or need to resort to ART techniques.

Endocrinology is the specialty that treats the hormonal and metabolic changes underlying infertility.

The excess weight or excessive thinness or even cases of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus are some examples of pathology that is treated in Endocrinology Medical appointment. Thyroid pathology should also be investigated not only by the high prevalence in the general population but also by the changes it causes in fertility.

The psychological support allows couples who are struggling with infertility problems to share their emotions and experiences in a context where they found answering instruments to coping the increased anxiety they experience.

Tranquility and psychological well-being are fundamental factors for the increasing success rate of ART treatments, therefore COIMBRA FERTILITY CENTER provides permanent Psychological monitoring.

The pregnancy monitoring can be done by COIMBRA FERTILITY CENTER team and after delivery, it is possible to continue the follow-up of the babies born with the Pediatricians team of Surgical Center of Coimbra, available in the daily medical appointment.

The Surgical Center of Coimbra has an Imagiology Service that allows users to perform all the imaging tests for the study and diagnosis of infertility as well as some treatments that require interventional radiology.

Some examples of important of infertility exams are hysterosalpingography for tubal examination or MRI to study the endometriosis.