Margarida Silvestre

Manager - Partner | Specialist Gynaecologist-Obstetrician

Performs as managing partner at Coimbra Fertility Center | Clinimer and gynaecology and obstetrics specialist. Graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Coimbra University in 1989 and sub-specialty in Reproductive Medicine since 2011. She is also, Graduate Hospital Assistant at the Hospital Universitário de Coimbra, where he has been dedicated to Reproduction Medicine since 1998. Postgraduate in Reproduction Law and Medicine, Clinical Process and Medical Secret, Informed Consent and Medical Responsibility by the Biomedical Law Center of the Faculty of Law of the Coimbra University and Ph.D. in Bioethics by the Portuguese Catholic University. Her career goes beyond medical practice. She is Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Coimbra University, where she is regent of two Curricular Units and invited professor of other curricular units, postgraduates, Master’s Degrees and the Doctorate in Health Sciences and faculty member invited of other universities. She is also a member of several Councils and Commissions, including the National Council of Medical Ethics and Deontology of the Portuguese Medical Association, the Scientific Council of the Bioethics Institute of the Portuguese Catholic University and the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, Coimbra University. Since 2018, hold the position of vice-president of Portuguese Society of Reproductive Medicine, SPMR.

Sector – Management and Clinical Staff