Technical Resources

The facilities of CLINIMER fully comply with the provisions of Regulatory Decree no. 5/2008, including the following spaces:

    • Two offices with an observation room, equipped with ecography equipment(Doppler, endovaginal and abdominal probes) and microscope.
    • A sperm collection room with audiovisual support equipment and private bathroom.
    • An operating room for oocytes and germinal tissue collection, as well as for embryo transfer, with pre-surgical disinfection zone.
    • Two recovery rooms with oxygen ramps and aspiration, as well as private bathroom.
    • An Andrology Lab in the restricted access zone – Operating Room– with positive pressure system and air renewal and filtration systems, and with transfer zone for sample delivery.
    • An IVF laboratory, contiguous with the previous one, with the same restricted access and air treatment, where the pre-surgical disinfection zone of the puncture room can be used for hand disinfection.
    • An independent room for freezing and cryopreservation of gametes, germinal tissue and embryos, separated from the laboratories, with oxygen detection system and respective low oxygen levels detection alarm, as well as door window for the interior and passive circulation of air.
    • Numerous work offices, as well as the availability of usage of the Centro Cirúrgico meeting rooms, whenever necessary.
    • An archive room.

All other supporting facilities provided such as reception, welcome area, waiting rooms, sanitary facilities, locker rooms, sterilisation area and dirty materials recovery facilities, are made available by the Surgical Center.

For the two consultation offices, there is a private waiting room assigned.